Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Angry Songs About Food Vol. 3: The Giant Hot Dog That Ate Regina

Of course it's not really the song that's angry, but I have to assume that the giant hot dog was pretty miffed about SOMETHING if he's going to eat a whole town. I think he's just dealing with the frustration over being so delicious and not being able to eat himself, a problem hot dogs often have.

Anyhow this non-angry song about an angry hot dog is by children's music entertainer and educator Bob King. Bob made his musical debut in the wonderfully named band Kornstock in the seventies before gravitating towards family entertainment and educational albums. 

Amongst his other works are a collection of songs about small towns and cities on the Canadian prairies and the novelty hit 'Sandwiches Are Beautiful.' He now mainly does work with the children's record label Casablanca Kids while wearing amazing hats.
Seriously. A-mazing hats.

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